HIV Diagnoses and Testing

HIV diagnosis and testing – 2.1 Overview HIV diagnosis and testing module

Module: HIV diagnosis and testing
Duration: 60-90 minutes reading, 35 minute video presentation
Author: Sam Douthwaite, SpR North Manchester General Hospital (and Neal Marshall, HIVPA)
First published: 1st April 2012
Next review: 1st April 2013

Description: This section covers the how to perform a HIV test, the roles of different medical professionals in testing, and overview of rational for HIV testing in the UK. It composes a series of slides a reference resources, plus a video presentations from the HIV in 2012 study day in March 2012

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HIV diagnosis and testing – 2.2 HIV diagnosis and testing module objectives

By the end of this session you will understand:


This is the first module in this series

HIV diagnosis and testing – 2.3 Background reading

Use the following resources to gain background insight into HIV diagnosis and testing in the UK

HIV diagnosis and testing – 2.4 Video presentation

The presentation was given at the HIVPA ‘HIV in 2012′ study day in March 2012 by Sam Douthwaite, SpR in Infectious diseases from North Manchester General Hospital

Now use the link below to view a 35 minute presentation on HIV diagnosis and testing.

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There will be some questions to follow based on the presentation

Watch video: HIV diagnosis and testing

HIV diagnosis and testing – 2.5 Post module quiz

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