HIV/Hep C Co-infection Dr. Ranjababu Kulsegram

Welcome to your HIV/Hep C Co-infection Dr. Ranjababu Kulsegram

What percentage of patients with acute hepatitis C will spontaneously clear the virus with persistence of the antibody?

What is the most prevalent Hepatitis C genotype globally?

Which of these investigations is considered to be the gold standard measure of liver fibrosis?

Which of these direct acting antivirals (DAAs) are not available as a fixed dose combination single tablet regimen for the management of Hepatitis C?

With the success of DAA's in the management of Hepatitis C, many patients achieve sustained virological response (SVR).  Goals of treatment have now moved towards focusing on improving both hepatic and extrahepatic clinical outcomes.  
Which of these factors affect liver wellness after SVR?

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