The A B C (and D & E) of Viral Hepatitis – Dr. Stuart Flanagan

Welcome to your The A B C (and D & E) of Viral Hepatitis – Dr. Stuart Flanagan

1. Which of the following are transmitted by the faeco-oral route? Chose all that apply.

2. Which of the following can be chronic viral infection? Choose all that apply.

3. For a patient with decompensated liver cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis B, Interferon is the first line treatment?

4. People co-infected with Hepatitis B and Delta Virus (Hepatitis D) only need treatment if they have liver fibrosis or cirrhosis

5. Chronic Hepatitis B is less prevalent than HIV?

6. Delta Virus (Hepatitis D) is only present with Hepatitis C virus?

7. The risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma increases with chronic viral hepatitis C infection?

8. A patient with a sustained viral response 12 weeks after the end of DAA treatment is cured of Hepatitis?

9. There are no interactions between DAA drugs and Anti-Retroviral drugs?

10. DAA therapies cure more than 95% of people with Hepatitis C?

11. NHS England have set a target of Hepatitis C elimination in England by 2030?

12. All DAA therapies can be used for any Hepatitis C genotype?

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